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Congratulations to Karen Garrett on her selection as the 2017 IFAS Global International Achievement Award in recognition of her international contributions to IFAS!

A position as a Post-doctoral Research Associate in Fisheries and Aquaculture Economics is now open with Dr. Asche and Dr. Anderson. UF job listing here.

Congratulations to Kelsey Anderson for first prize in the Graduate Student Research Award category at the APS Southern Division meeting for her presentation on modeling of epidemics to guide management strategies of sweet potato in Uganda, based on this work.
Save the date for Karen Garrett and Adrian Newton’s keynote “Plant Diseases, Climate Change & Food Security” at the American Phytopathological Society ICPP Boston: Plant Health in a Global Economy meeting July 29- August 3.
Cheryl Palm and Pedro Sanchez are participating the African Development Bank’s Dialogue Mission on the Transformation of the African Savannah Initiative in Zambia. This project, part of the AfDB’s Feed Africa Strategy, will be conducting a pilot to test and demonstrate viable commercial conservation agriculture systems based on lessons learned in South American cerrado production systems.

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Food Systems and Human Health

Providing a growing global population with nutritious and safe foods is  challenging.

Global Food Security

Food supply per capita is up but nearly 1 billion are hungry and nearly 2 billion are overweight.

Tools for Decision Makers

Decision makers  require information on alternatives for a sustainable food production system.

Food Production and Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable food production is a key part of food security.

New Metrics

In order to understand global food systems we need to find new ways to measure key indicators.