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The Sustainable Food Systems experts are an integral part of UF/IFAS research to improve the quality of life in Florida and throughout world. WATCH >
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ISFS Mission

Food is the indispensable cornerstone of human well-being.

Food provides energy, water and nutrients to sustain life, promote health and build functional societies. The Global Food System is a dynamic and complex web of diverse cultures and values, international trade, markets, public and private institutions, farmers, ranchers and fishers, technology, genetic resources, environmental and bio-physical interactions. READ >


Serge Savary and Laetitia Willocquet of INRA are visiting UF September 27-30 to develop collaborations with UF researchers. Dr. Savary will present a seminar hosted by ISFS in 122 Rogers Hall at 2:30 on Tuesday, September 27: "Models for Crop Diseases: Overview of Approaches & Scales"

Registration has opened for the Weather & Climate Decision Tools for Farmers, Rancher & Land Managers Conference December 5-7, 2016 at the University of Florida. More information here.

Arie Havelaar will present the annual invited Trout Lecture on Monday, September 19th, 2016 at Michigan State University on the global burden of foodborne disease.

James Anderson will present the annual report of the state of the shrimp industry in China September 21, 2016. More information here.

Arie Havelaar is now serving on the International Science Advisory Panel for the New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre.

The AgMIP team including Gerrit Hoogenboom and Senthold Asseng has published a paper in Nature Climate Change: an intercomparison of wheat models with special attention to temperature response, climate change, and food security.  More information here and here.

Arie Havelaar has joined the Public Health External Advisory Council for the UF College of Public Health and Health.

Pedro Sanchez is delivering the keynote talk at the Soil and Water Science Fall forum on September 15, 2016: "Africa's progress in fighting hunger". More information here.

Arie Havelaar has a paper as that has been recognized as the third most cited in the International Journal of Food Microbiology since 2011. READ >

John Hernandez Nopsa (ISFS, EPI, and Plant Pathology) and Karen Garrett (ISFS, EPI, and Plant Pathology) were recognized across UF/IFAS as having one of the year's "high impact" research publications. READ >

Food Systems and Human Health

The Challenge: Providing the growing global population with nutritious and safe foods is a considerable challenge.

Global Food Security

The Challenge: Food supply per capita is up considerably, but nearly a billion people are hungry and nearly two billion are overweight.

Tools for Decision Makers

The Challenge: Decision makers are faced with challenging questions that require alternative options for a sustainable food production system.

Food Production and Environmental Sustainability

The Challenge: Sustainable food production is a key part of food security.

New Metrics

The Challenge: In order to understand global food systems we need to find new ways to measure key indicators.