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Arie Havelaar, Min Li, and Nitya Singh will be teaching an intensive short course ANS6637: Quantitative microbial risk assessment of pathogens in food systems.  Class meets in Dairy Science Room 201 Tu/Th May 15-June 21 9am-1pm.

Arie Havelaar and Sarah McKune are co-hosting a symposium on childhood stunting March 1 from 8:30am-12:30pm. This event is proudly sponsored by the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems and the Center for African Studies: Livestock, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Child Growth: Exploring the complex underlying causes of child stunting. More information on the "Livestock, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Child Growth" symposium organized by Sarah McKune and Arie Havelaar in the attached flyer! Reitz Union Ground Floor Chamber, 8am-12:30 pm, March 1st

Karen Garrett will be participating in this workshop at the Bellagio Center to develop a global system to monitor and prevent the spread of crop diseases.

Check out the newly released Fall Armyworm Techincal Guide for Africa from the USAID Feed the Future group in collaboration with international and national research and development partners.

Gerrit Hoogenboom hosted the DSSAT Development Sprint at UF Jan 8-12. This collaborative effort results in a new version of DSSAT, due for release soon. News articles on the sprint have appeared from the IFAS blog and in the Alligator.

Congratulations to Arie Havelaar, Adegbola Adesogan, and their collaborators on their $8.7 million award from the Gates Foundation to address nutritional quality and food safety in Ethiopia and Burkina Faso through the development of quality feeds for livestock and testing interventions to reduce enteric dysfunction of children living in close contact with poultry. Press release here.

Congratulations to Arie Havelaar and his co-authors on their new publication in One Health "zDALY: An adjusted indicator to estimate the burden of zoonotic diseases", now available here. This modification of the disability adjusted life year (DALY) quantifies the burden of animal diseases on animal and human health

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Food Systems and Human Health

Providing a growing global population with nutritious and safe foods is  challenging.

Global Food Security

Food supply per capita is up but nearly 1 billion are hungry and nearly 2 billion are overweight.

Tools for Decision Makers

Decision makers  require information on alternatives for a sustainable food production system.

Food Production and Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable food production is a key part of food security.

New Metrics

In order to understand global food systems we need to find new ways to measure key indicators.